Integration of Jewish soldiers in Western armies – at a conference in Germnay

During the events marking the end of World War I (Nov. 1918), a conference was held a the Jewish center in Frankfurt, Germany, discussing the integration of Jewish soldiers in Western armies.

The initiation was by the union of Jewish soldiers of the German army. The heads of the union Col. Dr. Michael Berger, currently head of the department of history in the German armed forces, and his vice, Lt. Col. Dr. Gideon Römer-Hillbrecht. In the conference participated also representatives of military forces such as the USA, France, Swiss and Germany.

Brigadier General (res.) Ephraim Lapid represented Israel and pointed out the particularity of the most Jewish army, its values and Jewish moral previewed in different operations. Furthermore, he pointed out the fact that orthodox men and women do not serve in the army due to their religious limitations.

Prior to the conference a ceremony was held in memory of the hundreds of Jewish soldiers that were killed in World War I.



First form the right: Rabbi Moshe Hayun from the French army, in the center (the moderator): Lt. Col. Dr. Gideon Römer-Hillbrecht, next to him: Lt. Col. Rabbi Avi Weiss from the US army, in blue shirt: Brig. gen. (res.) Ephraim Lapid from Israel, first from the left: Lt. Col. Rolf Strum form the Swiss army. the others are from the German armed forces.


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